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Jesse Ramirez


Keyboards and Trumpet

Birthdate: May 7, 1961 TAURUS

Birthplace: Madrid, Spain

Lives in: El Mirage, AZ

Jesse, an incredibly versatile keyboard player in a class all his own. He brings a powerful flowing and energic style, that grabs you from the first note to the last. His creative flair for the dramatic tugs at your emotional purse strings. He has spent years working with some of the finest musicians the world has to offer. He is also an established ghost writer for Warner Brothers and many movies we have seen has his musical stamp on them. But you will never see his name in the credits. Why? Because he is a "GHOST WRITER"! Jesse is the proud patriarch of a huge and talented family. Together he and his wife Rose have raised 6 boys and 2 girls and are proud grandparents several times over. Six of their 8 boys have followed in their fathers footsteps as professional musicians, playing for many of todays stars. Jesse is truly a gifted musician, but his greatest gift is his generosity. He is the founder and president of a foodbank that feeds thousands yearly.


Phillip Pippins



Birthdate August 11, 1962   LEO   

Birthplace: Ft. Worth, TX

Lives in: Tempe, AZ

Phillip grew up in a family that was influenced by music: Soul, Jazz, Rock, R&B and Country. His love of the drum beat came at the a very early age when he took part in a school play and played the role of the little drummer boy. From that moment on, he began his journey in pursing and perfecting the art of the perfect drum beat. This has been his life's passion. His versatile abilities has presented opportunities to perform at churches and numerous bands of various genre's. Phillip was discovered by Sonoran Gypsies as a result of Scott seeing a multitude of percussion instruments in Phillips home when he came to Phillips house for another business matter. This prompted a conversation that resulted in Phillip eventually joining Sonoran Gypsies. Phillip sees Sonoran Gypsies style as a new and exciting way to go outside the box, break down barriers and expand his horizons in his pursuit of that perfect drum beat. 

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