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Sonoran Gypsies spontaneouslyelegantly and uniquely weaves acoustic and

electronic instrumentation together into an imaginative, engaging, enthralling, 

thought provoking, emotionally connecting, beautiful and unforgettable

Mosaic Tapestry of Original Southwest Latin Style Chill and World Music 

Acoustic guitar and Keyboard in Arizona

Scott Schaefer - Indigenous Wood Flutes, Guitar & Didgeridoo

Born November 03, 1957 in New York City, NY

Lives in: Waddell, AZ

Scott taught himself to play Native American Style indigenous wood flutes. He has embraced this amazing ancient instrument and taken it above and beyond the flutes stereotypical sound. The versatility in his style allows him to perform in multiple genres from classical, to classic rock to new age, to blues and jazz. Coupled with the incomparable talents of his partner Jesse Ramirez, Scott is able to fulfill his dream of creating a diverse sound that breaks the boundaries of styles most commonly associated with Latin style music. His refreshing approach to his flutes, allows him to connect with people of all walks of life. Scott has also taught himself guitar and while it is not his primary instrument, he has embraced in much the same way he has embraced the flute. He has also produced 10 CD's, has a credit in the music score for the movie "Ride The Thunder. Scott collaborated on a song with  Dyan Garris, renowned award winning keyboardist and healer, on her song "Mystic Sea" which won IMA VOX POP WINNER award in the New Age Song category.

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Jesse Ramirez - Keyboards and Trumpet   

Born May 7, 1961 in Madrid, Spain

Lives in: El Mirage, AZ

Jesse, an incredibly versatile keyboard player in a class all his own. He brings a powerful flowing and energic style, that grabs you from the first note to the last. His creative flair for the dramatic tugs at your emotional purse strings. He has spent years working with some of the finest musicians the world has to offer. He is also an established ghost writer for Warner Brothers and many movies we have seen has his musical stamp on them. But you will never see his name in the credits. Why? Because he is a "GHOST WRITER"! Jesse is the proud patriarch of a huge and talented family. Together he and his wife Rose have raised 6 boys and 2 girls and are proud grandparents several times over. Six of their 8 boys have followed in their fathers footsteps as professional musicians, playing for many of todays stars. Jesse is truly a gifted musician, but his greatest gift is his generosity. He is the founder and president of a foodbank that feeds thousands yearly.

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